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Clear as daylight...I am not everyone's girl: I mean it! When your rude behaviour shows up, I will discreetly close the handy; internet is full of uneducated escorts coming from the streets, but I am more, I show compassion and understanding and I will not hurry in any way our time agreement. My words will make you feel cosy the first moment you'll hear them...

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.....But I need one thing from YOU: please speak a proper English! You must be a man! If I overcome you from the handy with my syntax, then I feel like a man upon you, which means will cost you double, because I am a woman, not a she-he ... whatever :))! Being in this business doesn't mean I like pussies-men! Please try to make a good handy-touch in order to make me visit you.
Else....I enjoy it as long as you are the man! I do not visit couples or women! I like men only! You can impress me else with tips or gifts (buy them together)
If you do not have the patience to read this little description, I must underline that an offensive questions is that one "are your pictures real?"; if you ask me that, I cancel the date, if you insist upon we can do skype chat / paypal!

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